What does the EASY CLEAN system applied in our toilet seats consist in?

The system is applied in majority of BISK toilet seat models. The toilet seat is easy to disassemble and assemble again and therefore it is easy to clean both the toilet seat and the toilet bowl in all places where usually the access is otherwise difficult (like in the area of hinges for example).

What is the difference between the PEX flexible tap hoses and those usually used by other manufacturers?

PEX, strengthened polyethylene, is flexible, resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. It is quite important, if you consider that our tap water contains various chemical substances, such as chlorine. Apart from guaranteed safety against mechanical damage which can cause flooding of our apartment, the flexible tap hoses with PEX inner layer secure excellent microbiological protection against bacteria cultures (chemical composition of PEX pipes is the same as that of PET bottles for mineral water).Unlike standard flexible tap hoses with rubber layer (EPDM), PEX is not ageing, is corrosion resistant and can be used for a long term. It’s worth mentioning that due to their excellent strength properties, pipes with PEX inner layer are widely used in waterpipe and heating systems for drinking or sanitary cold and hot water and central heating, including the floor heating and ground heating and in those systems pipe life expectancy is comparable of that of the building’s itself.

Can we use other accessories in fittings than those used by BISK?

We always try to meet all our customers; requirements and equip our goods with the highest quality accessories but we also give our customers opportunity to replace any elements with others, commonly available on the market. Our offer also includes optional accessories identical to those which our tap fittings are equipped with, such as water-saving tap aerator, PEX flexible tap hoses, or click-clack plug.

What are the advantages of using original tap aerator?

A tap aerator is a kind of sieve mounted at the end of spout, which sucks air through a system of specially set holes and reduces water consumption without lowering the pressure of water. A tap aerator used in BISK washbasin fittings allows saving of up to 50% water (and we offer aerators which can reduce use of water by up to 70%).Apart from visible savings in the household budget, the aerator user gets soft, well aerated water jet which noticeably increases comfort of washing and lowers the noise made by water going through the fitting. We do not recommend using the tap aerator saving water consumption to the bath fittings. In this case BISK offers the aerators with big water flow capacity which allow quick filling the bath with water (so that it does not get cold) and a high-pressure jet of well aerated water helps to make thick, delicate foam which increases comfort of your bath.

What shall be used for cleaning surfaces plated with chrome/nickel/ non-corrosive steel/other material?

Hard-water build up is best cleaned with a soft cloth soaked with 10% citric acid solution. For daily care you can also use specialised products for cleaning the fittings. Available on the market.

Warning! Don’t use cleaning products containing aggressive components, such as chlorine. Commonly used and advertised liquid and cream cleaners can damage the plating on your fitting!

What is the implication of applying the PVD technology in selected BISK fittings?

PVD is an innovative and sophisticated technology which proved superior to that of the galvanisation of surface of various accessories. Using the physical phenomena (crystallisation of gas particles in vacuum) allows to make a thin but hard and very strong layers, which make an even surface, well bound with the base. Applying hard PVD layers increases the life expectancy of the surface and its resistance to damage (effacing, scrunching, breaking) and to wearing.

How does the 48h technical assistance service for BISK fittings operate?

After lodging a complaint via telephone, within 48 h. a serviceman contacts the customer and makes an appointment at a time convenient for the customer. A deadline for recognition of a complaint is 14 working days. The service is available throughout Poland.

What is the click-clack plug ?

The click-clack plug is installed in the washbasin plughole without the need to connect it to the fitting. The name comes from the click sound at the moment of opening and shutting the water outflow. The method of operation is very simple. To shut the plug hole you just push the cap of the plug and it gets locked in a “shut” position. If you push the cap again, the plug locks out and the plug hole is opened. Thanks to its simple construction and a special nut, the BISK plug is universal and fits all types of washbasins (with or without drainage) and all types of fittings, both with or without the hole for a leverage in the back of the washbasin body.

What is an anti-twist system for shower hose?

It’s a system of bushing with bearings fitted at the hose ends that prevent the hose from twisting while used and this way extends the hose life time and makes taking the shower easier.

How to use BISK FEST sticking paste properly?

Cut off the suitable (according to the attached directions for use) quantity of both components of the sticking paste. Mash and roll them between your hands up until the paste is of a uniform colour. Then put the paste immediately into the hollow of the sticking plate and push the plate strongly to the wall. Very important: mix the components carefully, intensely and in as short time as possible. The surface of the plate and the wall shall be carefully degreased.

Will the BISK FEST glue leave any marks on the wall?

The BISK FEST glue does not leave any marks on the wall after the disassembly of a glued item. It’s enough to heat the place where the paste was with a hair dryer. Intensely heated, the remnants of the paste left on the wall will degrade and fall out of the wall themselves. If anything is still left, just scratch it lightly off with a scraper or clean with a wet cloth.