What is the difference between the PEX flexible tap hoses and those usually used by other manufacturers?

PEX, strengthened polyethylene, is flexible, resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. It is quite important, if you consider that our tap water contains various chemical substances, such as chlorine. Apart from guaranteed safety against mechanical damage which can cause flooding of our apartment, the flexible tap hoses with PEX inner layer secure excellent microbiological protection against bacteria cultures (chemical composition of PEX pipes is the same as that of PET bottles for mineral water).Unlike standard flexible tap hoses with rubber layer (EPDM), PEX is not ageing, is corrosion resistant and can be used for a long term. It’s worth mentioning that due to their excellent strength properties, pipes with PEX inner layer are widely used in waterpipe and heating systems for drinking or sanitary cold and hot water and central heating, including the floor heating and ground heating and in those systems pipe life expectancy is comparable of that of the building’s itself.

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