What are the advantages of using original tap aerator?

A tap aerator is a kind of sieve mounted at the end of spout, which sucks air through a system of specially set holes and reduces water consumption without lowering the pressure of water. A tap aerator used in BISK washbasin fittings allows saving of up to 50% water (and we offer aerators which can reduce use of water by up to 70%).Apart from visible savings in the household budget, the aerator user gets soft, well aerated water jet which noticeably increases comfort of washing and lowers the noise made by water going through the fitting. We do not recommend using the tap aerator saving water consumption to the bath fittings. In this case BISK offers the aerators with big water flow capacity which allow quick filling the bath with water (so that it does not get cold) and a high-pressure jet of well aerated water helps to make thick, delicate foam which increases comfort of your bath.

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